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Welcome to the Shower Radio site, this site has been setup to provide information on the most popular shower radio and bathroom radios available to buy all in one place. We have collated full product details about the different types of radio, latest pricing and information on where to order online. Click any of the shower radios below or on the right hand side to get the low-down on each radio.

Shower Radio for your BathroomLet’s face it, taking a shower and listening to your favourite radio station in your bathroom is one of life’s luxuries. A Shower Radio will make a great addition to your bathroom or shower room. If you are considering buying one today you are in the right place, this site lists all the best shower radios around and compares prices on them from online UK retailers. You’ll soon be listening to your favourite DJ in the morning. Maybe you require a blast of Radio 1 or the conversation of Radio 4 to wake you up in the morning? Well whatever the reason you can enjoy all the music, news, talk or weather whilst cleansing yourself in your shower!

Shower Radios

What makes a good quality shower radio? A quality shower radio has to be firstly splashproof/waterproof. It does not necessarily need to be completely waterproof as you unlikely to be soaking it in the bath. With water and metal there is always a chance of rust developing so a sealed plastic casing is a must.

It should be easy to use, with simple and handy presets. It’s likely that each member of the family will have vastly different listening tastes so if the radio can store your favourite radio stations that’s an instant time saver. Volume is an important factor to consider and you may not considered this but a shower can be a noisy environment and a tiny home radio speaker can struggle to be heard over the sound of the running shower water. If you are searching for a cheap shower radio consider getting a decent size wattage of speaker should help project the sound to your ears (2-3 watts would be more than enough most cheap ones have this covered). Generally at the top end of the market manufacturers use higher quality parts meaning wattage is not as important a factor.

Being able to stick/mount it on the shower wall can be useful if you have limited space. The radio hardware is another important factor as the latest Dab shower radios offer superior digital quality sound and can receive a much clearer signal. If you have ever tried to listen to 5 Live sport you might be familiar with the poor crackly sound quality of the analogue signal in different areas of the country.

Recently DAB shower radios have become popular, if you are used to high quality sound perhaps from dab radio in your kitchen, then you’ll know what to expect. Take a look at the latest bathroom radio reviews on the right hand menu, they should help you decide what to buy.

Who Manufactures Shower Radios?

There are a number of specialist bathroom radio manufacturers out there. Aquabourne and Steepletone produce the less expensive novelty radios such as a Penguin radio, Duck radio, Tap-shaped, or the microphone shower radio and the more establish brands such as Sony, Philips, Pure and Roberts produce an array of higher end models with a higher quality of build for the price.

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