Aquabourne Bath Shower Radio AM FM

Aquabourne Shower am//fm radioAquabourne have produced a number of bathroom friendly electrical products and this Aquabourne Shower Radio is one of them. This radio is on the small size but looks great.

Let’s take a look at its features:

  • It an AM/FM shower & bath radio
  • Device has a very simple tuning dial to help you find your station.
  • As in the picture you will see a LCD digital clock with a handy alarm setting.
  • Water resistant and shower proof
  • The radio comes with plastic sucker to affix to the shower wall and you easily adjust the position of the radio on its pivot.
  • A display tells you the temperature outside.
  • The radio runs off 2 AAA batteries

We have reviewed feedback from customer who have bought this unit and generally they feels it a good buy for the price. Some have described the quality of sound as “a bit tinny” but the speakers are still loud enough to here. Most people say the reception is good for am and fm stations. Some have said its little challenging to change the batteries but the device takes very little power to actually run. Check out the radio on amazon Aquabourne Bath / Shower Radio AM / FM – perfect bathroom accessory

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