Waterproof Duck Radio

Relax and unwind with a duck radio for your bath, this completely waterproof radio duck is the answer to your bathroom music problems.No climbing out the bath to fiddle with a bathroom radio or mp3 player, (this device won’t get damaged if you approach with wet fingers) It can’t fly like a real duck but it does float and is waterproof like a real duck. It also doesn’t quack but it will pump out some great music while you cleanse yourself. So why not enjoy a good soak listening to one of your favourite am or fm radio stations. If you aren’t enjoying you can alway push the little ducky off to the other end of the bath into a mountain of bubble bath or sink it with a battleship. If you don’t have time for all this nonsense you can always turn if on or off with a twist of the head or tune to a better station by twisting the tail. Batteries aren’t included so you’ll need to order 3 AAA batteries with your radio. It comes in a range of colours be we love the traditional yellow for a bit of fun. Expect to pay around £15 you may get cheaper daily prices listed below.

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