H20 Water Powered Shower Radio

A h20 powered shower radio, imagine that; A radio which you never need to buy costly batteries for ever again. Sounds good doesn’t it! With the H20-100 power shower radio you can make use of the power of your water in your shower and listen to music whilst you clean yourself. Saving the environment and getting clean, imagine that! The h20 powered radio is a novel invention which will last you and your household many years to come it uses unique hydrodynamic technology and is a unique product to the shower radio market.

Installation is simple, it take less than 2 minutes to install and you don’t need tools or have to call out a plumber. The radio is actually power by the water pressure and can be installed onto the shower head lead. When you install it you’ll see the water flows through the radio and charges the dynamo to power the radio instantly. Now what happens when you turn off the water? Is that the end of the music? No, the device contains a battery which stores the energy create in showering to continue powering the radio well after you’ve dried, dressed and completed the final touches to your hair/make up in the mirror. An added plus is that it stores the station and records the volume level so next time it’s just right for you. The radio is an FM/AM tuner and from user reviews they suggest it has a good reception and sound quality, another point raised is if you have a very low pressure shower this will reduce the pressure of the water as it travels through the radio, if you can shorten you shower hose outlet this will help. If you are looking for another green radio then consider the windup shower radio. Find out more about the product here H2O Powered Shower Radio

Update it is also stocked at Firebox too. H2O Powered Shower Radio at Firebox.com

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