Novelty Shower Radio

A great little gift is a novelty shower radio, there are some very affordable radios from manufacturers such as Aquaborne, Steepletone, and DSU. DSU do have some windup models (if you don’t want the cost of replacing batteries). We have gathered together some of the best novelty shower radios out there such as the Penguin and Angel Fish shower radios. In our opinion you get what you pay for, if its important to hear the news in the morning whilst you shower then these models are probably not for you. If you are more into singing in the shower then maybe you won’t mind so much.

We mentioned the Angel Fish Radio before, this radio is great for the shower its splashproof and is perfect on the shower wall.

  • Moisture resistant radio
  • ‘Eye’ rotary control with push button
  • Auto scan station selector and ‘small fin’ scan reset button
  • Auto scan radio recieves FM88-108MHz with’ stay on station’ featureTM
  • Built in cable antenna
  • 2 x AAA Batteries required
  • Batteries aren’t included :(
  • Dimensions : 28mm depth x 110mmwidth x 77mm height

The microphone shower radio

This fun little radio is shaped light a microphone and belts out FM radio so you can sing till your heart’s content in the privacy of your shower. It has a unique Weenicons design and a hanging hook for easy storage on the top of the shower or on the shower head unit.
The Shower Tap Radio

A radio designed like a tap. If you have a translucent blue bathroom then you may not notice the difference between your taps but maybe the music coming out of this one will be a giveaway. The radio has a sucker on its base which means that you can stick it to almost any flat surface the bathroom tiles or a glass pane would be perfect. The large tap handle controls the volume and it offers both AM and FM reception.

Here’s what the manufacturer says about it

  • Water resistant design
  • AM range 540-1600 kHz
  • FM range 88-108 kHz
  • Sucker pad to attach to bathroom wall
  • Fits to any glass or tile surface
  • Volume control
  • Integral speaker
  • On/Off switch
  • Aerial coil
  • Tuning knob
  • Size: Shower Tap Radio Width 12.0cm x Height 10.4cm
  • Find out more info on this product here Shower Tap Radio

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