PURE Oasis Flow Waterproof DAB Radio

PURE are one of the biggest digital radio manufacturers in the world. Technically the Pure Oasis Flow isn’t a shower radio but many use it for this very purpose. It’s rechargeable and weatherproof, incorporates great DAB reception and the added bonuses of FM and Internet radio stations as well.

As we’ve said previously there isn’t a huge array of portable dab radios due to the fact DAB drains batteries like water. However this device you can plug in when you are using it around the house. Oasis Flow radio is available for a price around £150.

So you can really use this radio anywhere, if you enjoy the great outdoors, load up the car, toss in your pure portable radio then enjoy music and programs from your favourite stations. This device has Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to preset up to 30 digital radios, 10 FM and unlimited Internet radio.

The controls of this internet radio are touch-sensitive with 3 context-sensitive keys.  The wireless connection is supported with WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryption meaning the information system is protected from unauthorized access, which may cause unwanted disruption.

Some reviews have suggested users are annoyed by the length of time needed to turn the radio On/Off. They find it a bit irritating when they are in hurry. A minor point we think especially in the shower. Although this DAB radio is designed for easy transport, it fairly heavy at 2.2kg weight is not ideal to carry longer in the backpack while traveling. It’s also not something you can place on a flimsy shower shelf; you’ll need a decent place to stand this device. On the other hand, design can withstand any damage since it is built to last. The Pure Oasis DAB radio has a 128×64 pixel display with a good quality resolution and high contrast screen with an attractive look to it.

On the whole the Pure Oasis DAB radio is an excellent portable radio which could be used outside or inside, in a bathroom or shower area. It is probably a little too big for a pokey shower room, however users will benefit from the great PURE reception.

Other products of Pure that are as well built with powerful features are PURE i-10, Powered Universal Dock for iPod with Remote Control; PURE Siesta Flow, DAB / FM / Internet Clock Radio; and PURE Twilight, DAB / FM Radio with Mood and Wake Up Light;

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