Sony ICF-CD73W Shower CD Radio

The sony icf-cd73w is is the only shower CD player we have found in the UK. Yes fewer people are now buying and using cds but they still continue to be the most popular physical format for portable music. The sound quality is superior to mp3 or other digital formats. The radio itself is splash resistant so perfect for a damp shower room.

The unit includes 5 memory pre-sets for each radio band, the buttons are easy to to press and waterproof. It has large dials to control volume and tuning. All on/off buttons are made form rubber and easy to press. The sound quality as you come to expect from a Sony is excellent and there is always decent reception. They include a rope to allow you to secure unit from a shower head and it can be used outside of the bathroom very easily.

Some negative comments about the radio is that the actual unit is a little bulky and slightly on the heavy side, some people who have bought the product have mentioned that the digital display needs to be a little larger.

On the whole the sony icf-cd73w shower radio is a well designed, reliable and high quality addition to any shower or bathroom. Read more reviews on the sony icf cd radio here.

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