Roberts Splash Proof Shower Radio

Roberts Shower Splash Proof RadioRoberts is an established British radio manufacturer who have been in business since 1932, so you would expect they know a thing or two about building quality radios. We are examining the Roberts Splash Proof Radio which looks like a great bathroom radio.

Product details - R9958 Splash Proof MW-FM PLL synthesised radio. Roberts Splash Proof Radio

From user reviews and feedback we have established that radio is a popular choice for those hoping for something better than the novelty models on the market. For the price you would expect this, users have stated that the signal quality is much better and is excellent for receiving stations. Its digital with 5 presets in each band notably not a dab shower radio. It's battery powered and has an indicator to tell you when power is running low. Also it has a handy clock so you don't get to carried away!
The sound is good in the bathroom and the radio itself is well designed all the buttons and knobs all feel nice to the touch. An added plus is the fact the radio is wall mountable. On the whole a perfect radio as its a little expensive but should last for years.

One negative is that there is no separate bass and treble, so although the radio is quite nice and warm for a small, mono set, it has limitations. The other negative point is the lack of DAB radio compatibility if you can see past that then this is a radio for you.

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