Types of Shower Radio

There are a few different types of shower or bathroom radio available in the UK, these are listed below.

Bathroom Radio

The bathroom radio does not necessarily have to be waterproof but it should be resistant enough to moisture in a damp shower or bathroom. Bathroom radios and shower radio tend to be the same thing. If it is going to remain on the shelf in the bathroom you do not need worry too much about it being waterproof, infact most household radios will suit this purpose.

Digital Shower Radio

DAB has become a common broadcasting method for UK radio stations, its popularity is due to the superior signal and sound quality if its stations. A major plus for owning one of these radios is that you get access to DAB stations such as 6 music, 5 live, Xfm, Talksport, Kerrang radio, for a fill list of stations go to ukdigitalradio.com, enter your postcode to find out what stations are available in for your area of the country.

Roberts Shower RadioAnalogue Shower Radio
These are adaptations of the modern home radio, look for established brands such as Roberts, Philips & Sony who known for top quality home radios.





Windup Shower RadioWind-up Shower Radio
Every since Trevor Baylis invented the windup radio in 1989 it has changed the live of millions, the great advantage of a windup shower radio is that there is no need for batteries any more. The power comes from your muscle! It takes about 1 minutes winding to charge a radio for 20 minutes.
Aquabourne Wind up & Solar Radio AM/FM/WB – splash proof. V2 now works as an MP3 or IPod speaker!


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