Sony Digital Tuner Shower Radio

digital shower radio

Just like conventional home radios there is a great selection of digital shower radios available on the market. At the top of the end models like the Sony ICF-S79W and the Roberts Splash Proof Radio. As you would expect the quality of the product is much higher. They are more reliable, the signal quality is much higher as they built with superior components.

The Sony ICF-S79W AM/FM & Weather – Digital Tuner Shower Radio

  • Splashproof Resistant Multi-Band Shower Radio
  • AM/FM & Weather Band with 20 Memory Presets
  • Built-In Digital Clock and Timer
  • Can set the timer to switch off radio after a period of time.
  • Unique Easy Grip Design

This is a great bathroom radio and can be used in the shower, spa or sauna. It should be stated that it isn’t a DAB shower radio but is digital so the quality of the signal is higher but you won’t receive all the stations that a DAB radio can offer. Having said this the quality of the signal is great for AM/FM stations. With this radio you also get Weather Band Reception meaning at the push of a button you can get up to the minute weather reports in the morning or anytime of day‚Ķ The radio comes with a strap so you can hang it on the handle of a door or even on the shower head extension.

Users have stated that the weather band feature does not work in the UK, this feature is apparently for the American market and isn’t compatible. It’s seems like simple radio for those who are visually impaired. Overall reviews are positive towards the unit as it is easy to use and offers all the quality you would expect from a Sony. You can read more reviews on the Sony ICF-S79W AM/FM/Weather Shower Radio here

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